Are you a First Time Home Buyer? If you are, I highly encourage you to take a look at this list of tips for the First Time Home Buyer. The list provides you with 32 Helpful Tips.  You don't want to make mistakes buying your first home.  Some of the mistakes you can make can take a toll on you both financially and relationally. Why put both of these at risk?

The original article from Home Buyer Nation is posted here:

Here are two of my favorites from the First Time Home Buyer tips:

5. Don’t Buy Too Much House - "... Many buyers I have sold homes to only actually use 40% of their home’s square footage."

With this mindset you may find that you can afford a home and moving from paying rent to building some equity.

7. Buy Within Your Budget-  " ... Don’t purchase a home based on how MUCH you are pre-qualified for, but instead, what you are comfortable paying on a monthly basis below that amount. "

I've seen this time and time again as a young couple over extends themselves financially causing extreme stress on their relationship.  You don't need as a First Time Home Buyer what your parents took a lifetime to acquire. Be patient in saving for your new home.


If you're in the Myerstown, Pennsylvania area, we would welcome connecting with you.  Many a First Time Home Buyer has found our 1440 square town homes to be a great starting point as they enter the housing market.

All the best in your new home search.