Thanksgiving is now less than a week away.  Excited!  Turkey, Family and Football and not necessarily in that order. Are you the guest or the host?  If you're the host for this year's large family gathering you are no doubt thinking about how you are going to fit extra people in your house.  As the extended family grows and as the kids get older so does the feeling of being crammed in your own own during these events.

This morning, I read through this Zillow Blog that presents several ideas that I feel might help you maximize some space as you prepare for "The Meal."  I want to highlight just one of these ways and that is simply clearing space.  About 2 months ago, my wife and I decided to give away our living room sofa to a refugee couple who could use it far more than us.  We didn't give it away for just that reason nor the fact that our kids would fight over what end to sit on but rather our kids are getting older and bigger and thus take up a lot more space. 

The simple impact of removing just one piece of furniture from a room can have you moving freely again and allowing you to be like your in control of life again.

Happy Thanksgiving

8 Ways to Maximize Your Dining Room

With so many dishes and serving utensils — not to mention the number of guests — Thanksgiving puts your dining room to the true test. Visit the Original Article ~ Original author: Larry Bilotti

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