A Green Lawn.  I think it's in my blood passed down from my dad and maybe his dad ...  the desire for a luscious, think green lawn that I can enjoy as well as my neighbors.  In fact, I watch my 18 year old son take the iniative to cut the lawn without being asked simply because he loves the "look".

With the continued push to bann chemical use on your lawn it can seem like quite the challenge to acheive your green lawn goals.  For several years now I've been experimenting with my limited knowledge on generating a healthy, green lawn.  I watch the odd YouTube video, read all sorts of tips, and ask green-lawn friends that I know what their tricks are to lawn success.


Here are 5 Tips that Stick in My Mind for a Green Lawn


TIP 1 - Mow your lawn before it gets too long.


TIP 2 - Raise your lawnmower so you're not giving your lawn a brush cut.


TIP 3 - Overseed your lawn in the spring and fall.


TIP 4 - Rather than roll your lawn, aerate your lawn to provide lots of oxygen to the roots.


TIP 5 - Use an organiz fertilizer that is slow release.


With all that said, I encourage you to watch this Lawn Care Video from HowdiniGuru.  You'll find it informative and helpful to acheiving your green lawn goals as well as learn what is effective in terms of grass seed for Pennsylvania.



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