For 20+ years I never moved.  In fact my parents lived in the same house for 47+ years.  Moving was definitely not part of my life until the year 2000.  During that year, my family of 5 moved two times within an 8 month period.  The first move was the result of our landlord at the time selling our house and buying one across the intersection.  That move involved rolling our appliances across the road utilizing the crosswalk, a rather entertaining site I'm sure.  Our second move 8 months later involved a job change which required a move 1 hour away. 

 5 Things I Find Hard about Moving 

  1. Chaos - The kids don't know what to do.  Your routines are blown way out of whack? You also become sleep deprived by trying to accomplish too much in the course of the day.
  2. You already packed something you need - Where did the packing tape go?  Did someone pack the socket set? Why did you pack the toilet paper?
  3. I find out where my money really went. - When did I accumulate all this stuff?  Why did I buy ________ (fill in the blank)?  What was I thinking?
  4. Time - Moving takes an enormous amount of time. Time to set up address changes, arrange for the movers, time to pack your belongings.
  5. New Patterns need to be developed.  Where do you shop for groceries? Gas? Clothes?  I miss my favourite restaurant!
  6. Saying Good-Bye - Friendships take time to develop.  In moving, you begin the process again.

Do you have anything to add?