Learn how you can save time, money and damage by simply disassembling some of your furniture before moving it.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to get a large, borrowed bed into our house basement.  My first attempt left a gouge in the stairwell ceiling.  My second attempt, had me removing the door to the basement.  Finally, I realized that the best way to accomplish this task in such limited space was to plain disassemble the bed.  By simply doing this, I would have saved my ceiling, my time, as well as my limited nerves.

When it comes to moving, I recommend alloting time to disassemble several home furniture items.  Your strategic effort will save you moving costs, damage and time.

  1. Take legs off large tables.
  2. Disassemble bed frames.
  3. Take mirrors off of the dressers. 
  4. Disassemble swing sets and any other outdoor equipment.

* Put hardware in a Ziplock Bag and tape it to the furniture item.