According to a recently released report by The Governor's Center for Local Government Services at the Department of Community & Economic Development entitled "2010 State Land Use and Growth Management Report," Pennsylvania is a great place for seniors to live.

4 Reasons Pennsylvania is a Great Place for Seniors to Live

1) Seniors have lots of company in PA

Pennsylvania already has a large proportion of senior citizens compared to other states—a trend which will continue.

The report claims the following:


2) Seniors will experience a lower tax burden in PA

Although many States in the region do not tax Social Security income, Pennsylvania is the ONLY nearby state that DOES NOT tax federal, state, or local pension income or IRA income for residents over age 59.5.· If we compare the overall tax burden with nearby States, Pennsylvania’s overall 2008 tax burden was the lowest at 10.2%. Neighboring States are listed as follows:


3) Seniors will experience a relatively lower cost of living in PA

The report goes on to explain that Pennsylvania has a relatively low cost of living.· When you couple this with a lower tax burden for seniors you definitely have a win-win.·


4) Seniors have great recreational options in PA

Urban lifestyle opportunities are available for seniors whether that be in city centers or the boroughs.· From walking and cycling trails to recreation facilities, the availability of opportunites continues to increase.· As communities grow the emphasis on providing recreational facilities continues to grow for this aging and active demographic.


You can read the full "2010 State Land Use and Growth Management Report," here:


If we were to localize this blog, what would you add to the following list: " Reasons Lebanon County is Great for Seniors"